I'm not the 'Fashion Lady'

I deal in something far greater than simple fashion...

After more than 20 years mentoring women as an award-winning business coach, personal brand marketing expert and image consultant,


That's why they call me "The Confidence Stylist". I use my one-of-a-kind expertise mixed with my own journey through depression to help my roster of local and international clients connect how they see themselves in the mirror, to a new confidence mindset that transforms their relationships, careers, and businesses.

I am passionate about teaching women that style is about who you are becoming and that 'fashion' is a tool to to be used for personal brand strategy; and that when you become reacquainted with your true self, a magnetic presence that captivates others - can be found through my defined HUE+Style® process. Then, the confidence to achieve success explodes and changes your entire life.

I am focused on Transformation

I only believe in permanent change...

I don't believe in a quick fix for anything.  They don't work and leave you deflated. It's a major reason why you don't see "tips and tricks" blogs from me.  There are plenty of those on the internet elsewhere to leave you a false sense of security that you've found a lasting image, style and confidence solution - when you have really just found a "band-aid."

I believe in individuality which means every woman requires personalized discovery inside a solution - tailored to her - to make a change that sticks.  Over the thousands of women I have coached and mentored, on and off-line, locally and globally, the ones who have learned to: 

  • adore themselves more
  • make bigger pay-checks
  • spark their love lives
  • save their marriages
  • attract ideal relationships, and
  • build happier homes with more confident kids

have done it out of my PROCESS of learning, discovery and support that has then changed their lives in as little as 3 days of beginning to work with me. Those are the only kind of results I am interested in getting for my clients - real, deep and lasting.

I use my journey to change others...

I spent more than 15 years, using my Commerce (Honors) Degree in Marketing Strategy from the top university in Canada, as an award-winning, multi 6-figure direct sales company unit sales manager and business coach who received national recognition, cars, travel and over 8-carats in reward diamonds. 

Despite all that achievement I suffered my own bout of depression linked to the definition of my self being tied to my role and business success.  When my business changed, I fell into a deep sadness that threatened the happiness of every part of my life.

I punished myself with fad diets, flogging exercise to try to regain who I thought I was supposed to be when who I needed to be was "happy with the new me" who had weathered a transition and was emerging on the other side.

I found a new confidence in learning about every corner of myself, my body, my own self-expression and to see myself in the mirror for the woman I was becoming - full of new self-acceptance and purpose. 

After I made my own transformation, I switched my focus from marketing products to marketing people - packaging their personal brand images + coaching them to master the Image-Mindset-Success connection. 

...and I'm the only one who transforms women like I do.

With my unique mix of backgrounds in image, marketing, sales, public speaking, award-winning entrepreneurship, and personal coaching, I help my clients find not only their perfect style, wardrobe and look but a new level of self-love + acceptance, mindset management  and resiliency skills to help them create the lives that bring them joy.  They claim their own definition of success in business, home-life and relationships.

They come to love themselves, their purpose and their lives...a true dream come true! All beginning with changing how they see themselves in the mirror getting dressed every day.  Be clear, Lady, they are linked.

In the end, none of my story, accolades or achievements matter if I don't get life-changing breakthrough RESULTS for my clients, right?

I totally agree with you...

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