"I am an Image Marketer."

Dressing for success so that a wardrobe acts like marketing for your business and your life takes self-discovery, new skills and a process. I use my 18 years experience business coaching/sales training women, Honours degree in marketing strategy, and contagious enthusiasm to teach women how to master personal color and its psychology of influence; personal style and its values based communication of self; wardrobe-building for versatile outfit styling; a confidence mindset to attract success and my exclusive image marketing techniques that "sell" you before you even speak.

I am Michele Charles Gustafson.

Premier Certified Image Consultant, Personal Color Expert, Image-Marketing Guru & International Confidence Coach, Author & Speaker

My passion is helping on-purpose professionals, bright entrepreneurs and intentional women of influence who are ready to invest in boosting their image & personal confidence because they know it is the key to:

  • adoring themselves more
  • making bigger pay-checks
  • attracting ideal relationships, and
  • building happier homes with more confident kids

I help them grow a new level of confidence in their image by building a wardrobe that is intensely expressive, makes getting dressed effortless, and most importantly, is one they ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

Then, I watch that new spark of confidence trigger a new mindset that attracts success in their lives.

I spent more than 15 years, working my Commerce Degree in Marketing Strategy, as an award-winning, 6-figure business unit sales manager and business coach who received national recognition, travel and over 8-carats in reward diamonds before switching my focus from marketing cosmetics to marketing people, packaging their personal brand images + coaching them to master the Image-Mindset-Success connection.

Along the way, I coined the title “Confidence Stylist” for myself, because it describes precisely what I do - working with the total person inside and out. And now, I've been working with women for over 18 years.

With my unique mix of backgrounds in image, marketing, sales and personal coaching I help my clients find not only their perfect wardrobe but a new level of self-love + acceptance and proven entrepreneurial skills to help them create the lives that bring them joy.  They claim their own definition of success in business, home-life and relationships.

...and love themselves, their purpose and their lives...a true dream come true!


If you are ready to reclaim your life through loving yourself first, knowing what you give to the world and dressing in presence so you can attract and achieve success as you define it - career, business, love, relationships, community - learn exactly what it takes to develop amazing style and confidence.