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Confidence Is The Foundation For Success. Renew It Every Day You Get Dressed.

"Michele, you are a Genius. I'm truly grateful."

"I love to gush on you, Michele. You are a genius!  

Until I met you, I struggled with my version of "shabby chic" - and not the decor style.  I often felt inauthentic in leadership roles because I never felt I dressed the part.  My uniform was navy, grey and black (so much black).

Thank God for you and the Light!  Hue And Style Color Analysis! The Light is not just the clothes! It's what you have ignited inside me - I'm truly grateful. Truly."  ~Andrala W., Washington DC, USA

"It's so much more than just clothes!"

Listen until the end when Andrala reveals the 5 powerful WINS she made in her life and business using her new confidence - all within weeks of finishing Michele's program.

"I am grateful to have found a mentor who 'gets it' and imparts wisdom with a compassion and honesty that, frankly, is awe-inspiring. There is no greater gift than owning the truth of who you are; loving yourself from a deep place; and being able to project that gift to others. And that's Michele's HUE+Style way."

~Andrala W. Washington, DC, USA

"The World Needs To Know About Michele!"

"I keep telling people about you whenever I get a chance. I feel so proud to be able to tell people that you are out there and can make a significant impact with their image and confidence! Thanks again for your magnificence!

This process has been phenomenal to say the least! I can’t believe how my thinking has changed in just a few short weeks. I have never encountered anyone who does what you do. So grateful to learn how to express my values through wardrobe and to understand that those values are then communicated through wardrobe to the public, letting them know who I am!

People are so busy starting businesses that they overlook TRUE image vs. the cookie cutter image that we have been conditioned to follow. You are truly transforming people’s lives, Michele! " ~Romola B. California, USA

"I've gone from passed-over to profession-boosting presence and the most important people in my career are noticing!"

"After relocating to a competitive work city a little over a year ago, I realized it was a very different marketplace than the smaller townsI have worked in. As a professional woman looking to continue advancing my career, I realized I needed to create an elevated presence.

I am thrilled with the results - personally and with my new promotions - and want all of you to know it works! Michele's proven principles have eased my stress for getting ready in the morning, shopping, and overall confidence in myself. I have come so far since my first lessons! Learning what my Hue and Style power colors are led to me broadening my wardrobe with purpose!"  ~Rowena E., Alberta, Canada

"Michele is a life coach who starts with your image."

"I have a better relationship with myself so I have a better relationship with my husband, my kids, my clients. It's my whole life! You can't even imagine the transformation. If you think it's about what top to's just so much more! It's changed my life!" ~ Delaina P.

"You have an anointing for shifting the mindset, which I have never experienced with any other coach or mentor."

"This opportunity. It has been such a life transforming experience. 

I know who I am and for the first time it shows! The shift in my mindset has enabled me to focus on my business without having to check myself in the mirror periodically to question whether or not I should have worn an outfit. My live streams on Periscopes feel more authentic. Lastly, and most importantly, my son is reaping the benefit of witnessing his mother's comeback. He is more confident and becoming his dependent self. This journey has been amazing, life-changing, and freeing!

God bless you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ~ Liliana H., Los Angeles, California, USA

Watch Lili's Interview: How To Heal Mindset with HUE+Style

Learn how Lili:
Came to terms with a relationship breakdown and re-ignite her passion for her work as a high-end real estate professional.

Taught her son how to ride the wave of transition with confidence and grace.

Redefined her dreams for her new phase of life …and now how she shows up everyday dressing herself in confidence that sets her mindset up for creating success in her real estate business where she has experienced her some of her biggest deals ever!


True Confidence, True Self-Love, Impactful Personal Power

"Take care how you speak to yourself because you ARE listening." ~Michelle P., Dallas, Texas, USA



"Michele, you saved 'Me' first - which saved my business, my marriage - my life!"

" I was crumbling before this HUE+Style process. I don't know if I could have taken another blow to my confidence without completely falling a part.  Through Michele's program I went from not knowing what to do - in my life let alone in how I presented myself - and feeling like I wasn't "enough" to having a glimmer of hope that I was going to finally find and love myself - as me - not mom, not wife, not my roles or jobs - just Me! And when I did, my entire life changed - my marriage got spicier, my business exploded - everything.  I'm just so HAPPY!" ~Karla E., Alberta, Canada

Watch Karla's Interview: Journey To Unbelievable Confidence with HUE+Style

Learn how Karla:

Transformed self-doubt from life transitions that were showing up in “shopaholic” behaviors and aimless dressing into an authentic style that needs fewer items and made it simple to get dressed strategically for a day that transitions from mommy-mode to entrepreneur-professionalism.

Found deeper success and a flow in her business that made opportunities appear one after the other - including a private jet and VIP opportunities

Connected to new joy in her roles as wife, mother, and businesswoman in a way that honors her true self and balances her life.


"Hue and Style has helped change my life."

"I just have to tell you. Not sure if you knew but I started a job 5 months ago.

Last week the owner told me when I walked into the office, for my first interview his wife was in the office.

She was the first one to see me. She told him that before I even opened my mouth to introduce myself she thought I was the one they would hire.

In her words, 3 or 4 seconds after that thought, I introduced myself (with confidence in my colours🤗) she knew I was the one.

Thank you for teaching me & introducing me to my colors!!! ((hugs))

Thanks again!!! " ~Sharla C. Alberta, Canada

"Perhaps you will never know the impact you made in my life. Truly, working with you, has been the most beautiful and empowering journey I’ve ever been through."

"Your process, Michele, was for me about wanting to follow my heart and having a will greater than any excuses. It was about wanting to dig deep and being willing to be vulnerable to find my true self."

"The courage I was able to pull to make bold decisions and continue to push through each day. I am at a place where I am making decisions to go to the next level. Sometimes pushing through my own limiting believes. For that I love you and I am profoundly grateful that I found you!"  ~Dayanna V., Miami, Florida, USA

Watch Dayanna's Interview: How To Heal Self-Doubt With HUE+Style

Learn how Dayanna:

Left her debilitating corporate job after finding new confidence to pursue her passion of mentoring women.
Lost excess weight brought on by grief and toxic patterns in her life after learning to forgive and find herself again.
Ignited her closest relationships with her husband and children.


"I’m finally on the right path for projecting my best self - my genuine, natural self - to the world."

"I always look forward to our sessions because I love your input & feedback. You’re an honest, true person who bares it all during sessions and you ask me to do the same. Our last session was for me a real boost of confidence with your help." ~ Amanda W., Alberta, Canada

Perfectly Represented, Perfectly Aligned.

"Going through Hue & Style process and being active in Michele's community have helped me tremendously. Getting married, having children young, and not going through the process of "finding myself" before I took on these roles made it very easy for me to lose myself. Since completing the process, everything has fallen into place about who I am and what I want to represent and get this; it falls perfectly in alignment with my new business!" ~Kristin A., California, USA

Perfectly In Color, Perfectly Communicating

"I used my “power colors” at a professional networking/career fair and have four solid contacts that want me to do workshops next month! The best part is one of them wanted to know why I chose to wear that hue. I told them all about Michele and her wonderfulness as my expert Image Consultant." ~ Cordelia G. from West Virginia, USA.

"Keep filling my head with your magic!"

"After our sessions, I am literally waving my hands in the air saying "PREACH IT MICHELE!" Figuring out who I really am (and accepting it), verses the image of who I feel the world expects when they see me is my biggest win!  Whew! What a journey - just 6 short weeks to it all. It feels so good when the little pieces start to click, I can't thank you enough!" ~Amie H., Alberta, Canada


Finding True Confidence Today & For Your Future

"I can hear your words and lessons in my head 'it shouldn't be hard!' You are so right!  I just read the book "Big Magic," that asks "do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?"  

Thanks to your mentorship, I can fully say with confidence, I DO!" ~Elizabeth S., New York, USA


It's far beyond fashion. It's meeting yourself again. It's personal style clarity and wardrobe confidence that will simply, powerfully and authentically CHANGE YOUR MIND, YOUR BUSINESS, AND YOUR LIFE. If you are ready to make your mark, feel amazing in your own skin and attract success to you like a magnet.


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Far More Than Fashion. Confidence For Life.

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